How To Fight The Establishment Propaganda Machine And Win
Caitlin Johnstone

Yet another article I will be sharing around my right- and left-wing friends.

I am reminded, btw, of Hilaire Belloc who wrote a book called “The Free Press” in the early 20th century. Belloc argued that corporate ownership and dependency on corporate advertising necessarily distorted coverage in mainstream newspapers.

Belloc was, in his day, very far right. Even today, he would probably be considered more traditionalist than the traditionalist right, and further right of any Trump supporter. But he was a part of a right-wing that was, in his day, deeply opposed to industrialization and capitalism.

Belloc claimed that he found radical socialist newspapers of more value than the mainstream newspapers and he gave a number of examples of stories which were broken by the fringe before the mainstream just because the interests of the mainstream were against the stories being broken at all. Were he alive today, I am sure he’d be reading right- and left-wing blogs and skipping the more general established news channels of today.

I think that’s one more lesson one should take, and that is to broaden one’s sources of information. So here are some that I would recommend reading from right and left:

  1. The American Conservative
  2. Front Porch Republic
  3. Counterpunch
  4. The Nation
  5. Mother Jones