Criminalizing Flagburning is Trump’s Racist Dogwhistle
Holly Wood, PhD

You are missing the dynamic. Let me spell it out:

Trump is trolling you.

You say the truth doesn’t matter to “these people” but that’s wrong. The truth matters, but not the truth or falsehoods you think.

Trump cares about winning and his followers mostly care about stopping you so they have an effective strategy: troll you with falsehoods so you spout ugly truths about your own bad actions. Then voters on the Democratic side don’t turn out.

Great example:
During the campaign Trump falsely claimed people come to the US to get welfare. Democrats smugly pointed out they fixed that problem back in the Clinton years. Those of us subjected to greater economic uncertainty due to those rules changes (for example, married to foreigners), realized Clinton was not on our side and declined to vote.

If you want to prevail, when Trump says these things:

  1. Stop. Ask yourself if you are being trolled.
  2. Do not smugly try to correct. Focus on discussing where policy should go, not correcting falsehoods.
  3. Focus on making yourself look good instead of Trump looking bad. Trump’s strategy is to make himself look a bit bad to goad you into making yourself look even worse.

If you do these things you will win. Otherwise he will win. It really is that simple.