Finished with Week 2 in Course 2!

I was definitely more focused this week on progressing through the content than I was the previous week. It took me the 7 days, but I finished this week ‘on time’.

Initially as I was watching some of the lessons for this week, I felt I was going to be leaning fairly heavily on them. As I began writing the code for this week however, I found that I retained a lot from the first watch and only had to revist them sparingly.

I feel I learned a lot about the core principles associated with Rails this week. My mind is already racing ahead with ideas for my own apps and I am confident I can create the basic functionality for those ideas.

I’m looking forward to user validations as I feel that will be a major part of many websites I might build in the future, both personally and professionally.

Another great week in the TeaLeaf program!

Github for the project so far: