In the shaking shower

Of a low hanging branch

We damp ourselves

Before this orange sun

Takes the precious water

For its own

Copenhagen, Denmark. Noma’s former dessert superstar, the Chicago-raised Rosio Sanchez, who also previously did stints at the Fat Duck and with Spanish pastry master Paco Torreblanca, runs her Hija de Sanchez taco shops at two cool central sites, plus a proper restaurant just called Sanchez. This lives on a corner…

I have not yet tasted grief
So I reach the muddle years
Having never felt the sting
That spikes the stricken
Into brutal excavating
To weave vivid clothe from tears
Drop that work out in the world
collapse into themselves
And retreat into the thickening
Of molten metal
Poured into a hole. Still,
I have not yet tasted grief
So I wait. And I will.

Best Of 2018

As usual, here are my arts and culture favourites of the year.

1. Bruce Springsteen — Springsteen On Broadway
2. Stick In The Wheel — Follow Them True
3. Kathryn Joseph — From When I Wake The Want Is
4. Idles — Joy As An Active Of Resistance
5. Jorja Smith…

C J Thorpe-Tracey

Writer, broadcaster, activist. CEO Lo Fi Arts, co-host Refigure and StoryhackXR podcasts. Used to be that singer. Brighton, UK. Solvitur ambulando.

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