What the FU*K is going on?

I’m sure you’ve asked yourself that question a lot lately. You’ve asked your friends, you asked your parents, you’re asking everyone that you can. I know for sure I have.

Yesterday was the largest mass shooting in American history since Wounded Knee. (Don’t believe the news, they are are working in collusion to rewrite history each and every day.) As of right now, other news sources have reported that the attack in Orlando has been linked, but not confirmed, to the Islamic State. Regardless of his affiliations, there is something very clearly wrong here in America. Think about it, WHY would a mentally unstable Afghani-American man kill fifty (and unfortunately growing) LGBTQ Americans?

Why did he or do they want to hurt us? What did we do to them?

I’m actually glad that you asked. Obviously, this is my opinion based on actual facts that I have read over the past few years.

Perhaps, just perhaps, we actually did something to make them feel this way.

I know that might sound like a radical idea, but please stay with me. After September 11, 2001, in response to the death of 2,996 (2,977 Americans and 16 hijackers) people on American soil, our Congress authorized the USA PATRIOT Act, which allowed the United States government to legally violate the rights of Americans and people around the world, and the AUMF Against Terrorism, which allowed the United States government to do whatever was necessary to stop terrorism.

What were the results of these authorizations? A 2015 study found that over 1,300,000 have been killed since OUR country’s actions since 2011.

I want put those numbers next to each other for you:

1,300,000, largely innocent, Middle Eastern people.

9,000 (approx.) American citizens and soldiers since 9/11/2001.

For one American killed, we, through our “democratically-elected” officials, have authorized the deaths of 144 people in the Middle East.

It’s time to take a cold shower and take a step back.

I know that was sobering to read. But it’s important that I get you all to recognize the impact of our collective complacency with our government. While we were distracted by the newest technology, the pursuit of unnecessary wealth, and the absurd lives of celebrities, a group of really really smart people got together to build a machine that only they could benefit from. By perpetuating war, they control us by fear and they gain more wealth and power over us, the American people, but also the rest of the world.

I’m deeply, deeply, disturbed and heartbroken by the deaths of those in Orlando yesterday. My heartbreaks for those who were injured and killed, but it is absolutely critical that we not allow them to die in vain.

Now, more than ever, we must grab the reins of our government and work to prevent these actions and tragedies from happening again.

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