My Life Story: Part 1

I’m Chris. I love old school video games but never get to play because I’m a workaholic. I’m from Manitoba where I ran a very successful mortgage brokerage but have relocated to Vancouver in the last 6 months. I miss my friends and simple life of the Prairies but I’m loving all the challenges of the big city. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

I’m odd because I like cooler temperatures, I even prefer the snow if you can believe it. My internal temperature regulator must be broken because I overheat easy. I’m a former provincial level bodybuilder but since quitting I have a love hate relationship with a diet and the gym in general. When I was young I wanted to be a bodyguard, a video game tester or a President/CEO of a big company.

In mid December, at 35 years old, I became the youngest President of a National Mortgage Broker brand, Centum Financial Group or @CentumCanada . It was my goal in my goal diary for the last 3 years. I’m living my childhood and adult dream and wake up motivated and with purpose everyday. I go to work for over 2000 great brokers across the country to earn the right to be there tomorrow. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

I’m a husband, a soon to be father and a proud kitty dad to a 17 year old barn cat.That all sounds pretty cool right? Maybe you’re thinking,

“How the hell did this guy do that, something’s missing.”

You’re right, something is missing, one hell of a story. Have a seat, get comfy, this might take a while but I’m gonna hold nothing back because my story is important to every single person out there in some way. We’re going to break it into parts so I’d love if you can follow along as my story unfolds. And with that……

Chapter 1:

I was an accident

I was told from a young age that my parents had ZERO intentions of having children. In fact, they connected so quickly because neither wanted children and just wanted to enjoy life.

My dad had 7 kids in a past life. See, I was born when my dad was 47 years old and he had already done the whole kids and family routine and he was terrible at it. The man was an absolute monster, read all about him here. My mother had a baby when she was 14 or 15 that she secretly tried to put up for adoption at birth. My grandmother (although I never met her) found out and adopted the baby. That baby, or my estranged half sister I guess, grew up believing that her biological mother was actually her ‘big sister’ and that my grandmother was her real mom. Holy sh*t right? Oh man we’re just getting started…

Assuming you’ve read all about my daddy dearest (last chance before the story gets real good) let’s fast forward.

I lost my dad right on my 16th birthday, happy birthday! Exactly 20 years today in fact.

My dad when a chain smoker and a stubborn man. He had a lump on his neck for probably 8 months before it finally got so big he was having balance issues. At that point I guess it was annoying enough to go see a doctor… The verdict? Stage 4 lymphatic cancer that spread to multiple parts of his body. Go Directly to the grave, do not pass Go, do not collect $200. The man’s been dead 20 years now, I’ve known him longer as a dead man than as a father so I’m comfortably candid about it. He started radiation therapy, which is a death sentence in itself if you’ve ever watched someone go through it, and made it. In fact, he was diagnosed as ‘In Remission' and for a very short time we thought he might make it, whether or not that was a good thing I still don’t know… after the treatment was done he was under 120 pounds, down from nearly 200 pounds. The goal now was to put weight back on and rest.

I came home one day just in time to catch him in my arms as he passed out, we understandably panicked and took him to the hospital. The initial thought was that he coincidently had a cold at the time and that maybe the cold was making him weak given how frail he was. Nope, not only was he NOT in Remission but it had spread. At that point they transferred us to a family room and were told to contact our Priest and family to make preparations. It didn’t take long, less than a day later he was gone.

When my dad passed away my mom had a stroke related to PTSD. She was awake but couldn’t talk, could just make murmuring sounds. She didn’t have any motor skills either, she just sat there staring and murmuring. That’s the day my childhood ended. That’s the day I’ll never forget. That’s the day I owe everything I have in my life to.

I had half brothers and sisters I had never met them, I had no aunts and uncles or grandparents to help me. I was completely and utterly alone. Full disclosure: Up until then I had been a spoiled kid that never lifted a finger to do anything. I had no clue how to look after myself or my now disabled mother. Through the help of some neighbors and parents of friends I got pointed in the right direction. Home care for my mother was only every other day so on the off days I’d go to school (Grade 11) until lunch time and, instead of playing with friends or hanging out, I’d jog home and feed my mom and change her adult diapers.

I remember literally screaming at her….God…anyone or anything that could hear me on those lunch hours. How the hell does God do this to an innocent kid, to leave them with absolutely no one.

I clearly remember going through a routine in front of the mirror after each time before I ran back to school. A few deep breathes, wipe the tears, practice a smile and back to school. Not a single person knew I was going through this…. I didn’t tell a soul until later in life.

About nine months later mom got better, it was in stages but hey, I’ve been writing forever and I’m attempting to respect your time. One of the first conversations my mom had with me when she ‘came back’ was that I had promised my father I’d go to University and get a degree. So that next part of my life was figured out and I finally felt some semblance of normal. I was a kid that had one parent and I was going to university, well thats not so bad at all. I moved out and got to work on my promise.

Then mom fell in the driveway one day….

That’s it for today and check out Part 2 when you’re ready (or right now). This is a good chance to hit that recommend button to get people in at the beginning of that story. I appreciate every single one of you that help push my content, it means so much to me.