Searching my heart..

I cannot believe certain things that happen in the life of a man of God. I truly believe God is in control of all circumstances and life, however when the news of a critical illness or sudden death of a man of God reaches, it brings a solemn contemplation and sadness that only Spirit of God understands. Life is short but the emotions and souls touched by these souls create a churning in the heart that no man but God understands. It is all His will, but would it have been different if we had joined hands and stood strong with them? Or prayed and blessed them in their ministry? Or fasted for their welfare and protection? Growing in Christ does not mean a bed of roses but would something be needed to be done at our end to help protect our bed? Questions of the heart.. which only the spirit of God can answer. Laying it down on His feet, for the moment is too heavy to contemplate.