An Open Letter By A #NeverHillary Supporter Who Is Definitely Not Vladimir Putin
Full Frontal

Comedians and lefty actors are ruining the Democratic Party. I changed my voter affiliation to “unaffiliated” today, which doesn’t really mean squat except for maybe a statistical appearance somewhere. Back to my initial statement, I don’t need Sarah Silverman to bully me into voting for Clinton. And Al Franken was funny 20 years ago, but the DNC has made him soft. So, for those who don’t get it yet (I’m looking at you, Samantha), poverty isn’t funny, extreme income inequality isn’t funny, having health care premiums steadily rise under the ACA because the Dems were too cowardly (and mobbed up with the insurance industry) to use Obama’s mandate in 2009–10 to push for single-payer, isn’t funny. Neither are killing civilians with drones, regime change against non-NATO-approved leaders, blowing up MSF hospitals, and taking millions from pro-Israel-at-any-cost donors. I work with millennials who are way more informed than many of my 40-something female friends, and they vote (or at least they did), and making jokes about this stuff doesn’t sway them.

And to all those LGBTQ folks, people of color, and women of childbearing age who are telling me that I have to vote for Clinton because of Trump, I really want to say “screw you for voting for a bad candidate”. There, I said it. Republicans aren’t the only low-information voters. I voted for Sanders partly because I liked his message, but also because I think Clinton is bound up with special interests that make her a seriously corrupt politician, and the Democrats all took an Emperor’s New Clothes attitude and pretended it wasn’t true, or wanted to stay on the gravy train. And never mind the FBI email controversy — a quick trip through the Washington Post and New York Times, and other “liberal media”, pre-Clinton bias, will provide a picture of the many, many foreign policy and Clinton friend/donor overlaps, and not just weapons to Saudi Arabia, but mining contracts in Colombia, business interests in Honduras, and my personal favorite, using a steady stream of flawed advice about Libya from Sidney Blumenthal (who had friends with business interests in Libya, and who was barred from working in her State Department, by Obama and rightfully so, for perceived conflicts of interest), advice that she fed like breadcrumbs to those who helped facilitate Gaddafi’s ouster, murder, and the current conflict. Not funny — any of it.

The problem with all of that, aside from making her a typical politician (from 1955 Dulles Brothers era politics), is that any right-wing group can run with that crap all day long, bolstered by plenty of evidence and fueled by existing anti-Clinton rage. All she can do at this point is enlist an army of apologists: comedians, actors, musicians, pop culture icons. Lucky for the DNC they have some current politicians, with favorables, in their midst. Sadly, Trump doesn’t need apologists, as he is his own biggest fan, and his voters have done the talking. The Democrats can’t see the ridiculous contrast between a parade of identity politicking sycophants, touting the holy virtues of their candidate between tired and worn jabs at the teflon Republican candidate, and the parade of totally insane but somehow issue-driven speakers at the RNC. Sanders is the token issue-driven presence at the DNC, propped up like a dead baby in a 19th century tintype to convince people that his ghost is still alive. As a Sanders supporter, I couldn’t watch more than his prime time performance on Monday.

In case no one has noticed, the Republicans hardly laugh, unless Trump has uttered some newly disgusting jab at Clinton or any other opponent. Not for nothing, most Republicans take their shit seriously, whether it’s the 2nd amendment, immigration, the economy, etc. The true Left knows the seriousness of what’s at stake, and that you can’t believe that politicians who are propped up by the fossil fuel, health care, pharmaceutical, and financial industries can ever bring about meaningful change. This current version of the Left has become a joke, laughing and whistling past the graveyard, and it’s seriously not funny.