All Will Fall Into Place

(of its own accord)

Christy Waltz
Jun 14 · 1 min read

Let all action come out of a felt knowing —
rather than out of thoughts
about what should happen.

There’s no need to be concerned
that without your thoughts and worries,
a wrong result might happen.

Worry, regrets and “what ifs” never
helped anyone anyway,
so why waste your time with them?

Rather, focus your attention
on being fully in the moment,
on meeting and feeling what’s at hand.

Within this Nowness,
all will fall into place
of its own accord.

Right, needed appropriate action
springs from this state of harmony
with what is.

Christy Waltz

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Watching life unfold in amused bewilderment. Exploring how to be truly free. Author of Notes to Self: Meditations on Being.