Do You Even *Know* What Moves You?

Photo by John Hain on Pixabay

Are you doing what moves you? More to the point, what moves you?

Do you know?

If you don’t, has it ever occurred to you to find out?

I have to admit it took me years of being miserable in various jobs before I started asking myself this question with any seriousness. It was pretty embarrassing to admit that I didn’t know. I mean, um, wouldn’t that be the first thing you’d want to figure out in life?

Step one, find out what moves you.

Step two, do what moves you.

No doubt you’ve come across the question, “What would you do if money weren’t an issue?”

I’ve heard that if you do what you love, follow your bliss and the like, money won’t be an issue, because if you love what you’re doing you’re bound to eventually start doing a good job at it, and it will start to pay.

photo on PIxabay

That may be true at some point down the path of following what moves you. Or not. I don’t think you do what moves you because it comes with a guarantee to pay the bills or make you rich, now or ever. Or for any other reason, for that matter.

You do what moves you for one — and only one — reason: because it moves you. When something really moves, it doesn’t move because. It just moves, period. And when it picks up enough force, the movement is so strong that it grabs you and takes you with it.

When I ask “What moves you?” it’s that thing I’m asking about. What has the capacity to come along and sweep you off your solid footing onto its roller-coaster of a ride? In spite of yourself and what you think you want. Regardless of what you’ll get (or not get) out of it. Regardless of if it makes sense to anyone, including you.

What is it that moves you?

I used to think that finding that answer would be synonymous with discovering what comes naturally and that it would be super easy since it would be “my thing.” Now I doubt that’s a hard and fast rule.

You may have a natural attraction to or inclination towards something. But like with anything else, how good you are at your calling usually has to do with how much time and energy you’ve put into it. Like with anything else, you have to start somewhere. As you do it more often, you get better and better at it. Even if you have a natural talent at something, it still doesn’t necessarily make doing the thing easy.

In fact if you’re doing what moves you, the highest likelihood is that it will challenge you like nothing has ever challenged you before. It will rock your world. Would you expect any less from your soul’s calling?

By its very nature, your soul work causes you to get real with yourself, and that isn’t always easy. It causes you to dig into your reserves and bring to light aspects of yourself that may be scared, wounded or hidden.

Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash

If you’re really paying attention, you may find there’s more to what moves you than you’d like to admit. In my case I discovered that I was (and still am to a lesser degree) moved by fear.

The reason I didn’t know, or at least act, on what moved me for so long was precisely because I spent so much of my life being moved by fear. I unconsciously allowed fear to inform my life and my actions. (Why else would anyone stay in a job they hate?) The fear was my strongest driver, so it, not my soul’s calling, had the upper hand in my life. It kept me from seriously considering and pursuing my calling.

When I brought to consciousness how much my life was dominated by fear, I was able to examine the fear and ask myself if I wanted to continue letting my actions be driven by it. Two letters. N. O.

I continue to encounter new layers of fear sometimes when I pursue my soul’s work. I wish I could say I never back down, but sometimes the fear gets the best of me and I retreat to “safety” for a while.

But I always return to what moves me, eventually. How could I not? It moves me.

Photo by FlashBuddy on Pixaby