Occupied Life

Credit: Pixabay
Are you living this life 
as your own anymore?
Have you turned out the lights 
and shut the door?
Where are those eyes
that see as a poet?
Did you lose the thread
or purposely throw it?
Searching for words
that don’t exist
to describe this 
impulse to resist.
A thousand chains
the eye can’t see.
Invisible, yes.
But are you free?
What you don’t know
can hurt you.
But what you know
can, too.
You’re lying in
a bed you made.
You hardly notice
as you fade
into thoughts
and notions
that entrance 
like potions
obscuring reality.
And the life that you live
is a step removed 
from the life that it could be.
When your mind 
rules the day
and your heart 
has no say
you’re living an
occupied life.
Do you wonder
at such strife?
Freedom isn’t free
when ego holds the key.
It doesn’t have to
be that way.
You’ll win back your 
soul at the end of the day.
Failures, rehearsals
for success.
Your shuttered heart
you will undress.
And that’s the day 
you’ll know who’s who
and live the life
that was meant for you.