Why Travel Isn’t Always The Answer

(As Told By A Digital Nomad Penguin)

Credit: Pixabay
Why Travel Isn’t Always The Answer (As Told By A Digital Nomad Penguin)

Pablo the Penguin was tired of snow.
He said, “I must find someplace warmer to go.
It’s time to ditch this cold and ice.”
So Pablo packed up and said his goodbyes.

His brothers and parents said, “Don’t go away!”
“I love you,” said Pablo. “But I’m leaving today.”
Then he hopped on a plane and set off on his quest
to find the place in the world that’s “The Best.”

Once I get there,” he said. “I’m sure to be happy.
I can’t wait to find a new home that’s less crappy.
There’s something much greater waiting for me.
When I get there, for once, I’ll finally be free.”

Pablo’s first stop was New York City.
The skyscrapers there were amazingly pretty.
But Pablo got trampled upon in a crowd
and decided the city was scary and loud.

The Sahara Desert was Pablo’s next stop.
It was fun to ride on a camel’s top.
But the desert was much too hot and dry.
Pablo knew to get out of there or he’d fry.

Next Pablo was in Australia with a kangaroo.
While they jumped around they squealed, “Woo hoo!”
But soon Pablo tired of that exercise.
There was only so long he could work his thighs.

Pablo set off to England to visit the queen.
She was super polite and not at all mean.
But the queen was too busy with royal stuff,
so Pablo decided he’d stayed long enough.

Next, Pablo climbed up Mount Everest.
The world’s highest peak was simply the best.
But the instant Pablo sneaked a look down
his stomach felt queasy and caused him to frown.

Pablo had traveled across land and sea
and still found no place where he wanted to be.
Where was the place in the world that was “Best?”
Where could he go, and finally rest?

He decided to check out the Taj Mahal,
where he met his guru and sampled some dahl.
“Oh master,” he said. “Tell me where I should go.”
The guru replied, “Look within and you’ll know.”

Pablo closed his eyes and opened his heart.
It took him a while to develop this art.
But one day the answer appeared in a flash,
so he bought his last plane ticket with his last cash.

As Pablo’s plane landed, he let out a tear.
And said with a sigh, “My own home is so dear.”
Pablo was back in his old living place,
so happy a big smile lit up his whole face.

Credit: Pixabay

Author’s Note: I noticed we can now record our stories and I wanted to experiment, so I tweaked a “children’s” story that I once wrote. Hope you enjoyed it. :)