Your Very Life Depends on This

(But Most of Us Skimp on It Bigtime)

Christy Waltz
Jun 21 · 1 min read
Photo by Darius Bashar on Unsplash

The breath is as crucial
to our health and wellbeing as it gets.
And yet, most people unconsciously
hinder and suppress the breath
from its full flow even though
it serves no logical, rational
purpose to do so.

When has limiting
the flow of the breath
ever proven beneficial?
When has bodily tensing
against or because of a situation
ever prevented it or improved
the outcome of the situation?
When has it ever yielded
the desired outcome?

So take a deep breath into the body
and release that firm, useless grip
on the body’s musculature.
Become intimately acquainted
with the breath. It is the Lifeforce.
Are you holding it back in any way?
If so, why not let it in?

Periodically tune into the breath.
Don’t just breathe, but really
feel the breath. Allow yourself
to go deeper and deeper
into the breath — to be fully breathed.
The breath is an ever-present reminder
that you are always being danced.
You did not breathe the first breath —
and you will not breathe the last.

Christy Waltz

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Watching life unfold in amused bewilderment. Exploring how to be truly free. Author of Notes to Self: Meditations on Being.