Why do our players, readers, viewers, and guests continue with a project across media, rather than jump to new ones all the time? How do you make transmedia projects that are a satisfying experience? What are the different ways it can appeal to audiences? What do you need to consider when making decisions about expanding your project? How do you encourage movement across media? How can we create great projects that employ multiple artforms? In Traversal Design, Christy Dena presents a narrative designer’s approach to why we cross media.

Who is this for?

  • Creative Directors, Showrunners
  • Narrative Designers
  • Interactive Writers, Screenwriters
  • Game Designers, Level Designers
  • UX, Interaction, & Service Designers
  • Creative Producers
  • Educators teaching any of the above

What can you do with it?

  • Brainstorm, strategise and design during development
  • Analyse your own and others’ projects
  • Critically reflect during development, production or post-release
  • Reconsider art, industry, practice, and the meaning of your creations

Where is it at?

This website will be updated with more resources and information, and I am currently presenting my ideas in public and academic lectures and workshops around the world. I am also conducting blind testing of my workshop materials, where teachers and facilitators use a basic design kit I give them and run a workshop without me being there. I am finishing my book on the topic, which will be published in 2018.