Longing for You

October 21, 2012. It has been almost five years since you left us. I still remember the moment we have talked before you died. You were telling me that you were fine and you have taken your medicine. And “okay, good” was just my response. I never imagined that things went wrong that day. When I received a call coming from my grandmother telling me “baby, your father is gone.” It seemed like my heart was torn apart knowing that my man, my superman, my father was dead! At that time, the things you have done for me had appeared on my mind. The moment when you have given me your 10 pesos, in addition to my allowance which is 2 pesos; when you bought me some biscuits; when you visited me at my grandmother’s house and when you invited me to accompany you to the city to buy me some school supplies and I insisted not to go to. I’m also saddened knowing that you would no longer see me how I grow up. I won’t have the chance to be scolded by you whenever I have done wrong or I may come home late; the chance of having the “father-daughter” talk like sharing experiences and having your advices; the chance to ask your permissions; and the chance to witness and to feel more your undying love. In that short time that I’ve spent with you, you’ve shown me how you love me. I may not have the opportunity to say this to you, I love you pa and no one can ever change that.

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