On A Broken Wing And A Prayer

From Chalkboard Prayer Prompt Nov. 7, Day after Midterm Elections

Can’t see the forest for the trees

America is a crippled eagle, pulled cruelly to the dirt.
One broken wing is on the right side.
 One broken wing is on the left side.

The eagle, once more buoyant than Forth of July confetti,
once, more noble than “We the People” words,
once, more graceful in imagery than in fact,

curls knotty talons around a swamp branch, breathing a hard prayer.
It’s not just broken wings anymore. She has ingested lead toxins,
burst from the barrel of a gunshot tunnel of steel.

Still, she is determined to get to the sanctuary.
And she will crawl, if she must, toward inevitable

Even if it is just freedom from an ideal that
floats across the sky in dreamy clouds;
It is a sky worthy of aspiration.