What Trail Is This?

Follow an inner voice so deep

What trail is this? Above the neighbor? Who is still at work and waking labor?

But we are in the woods today, dreaming we’re free, flung far away.

In lacy, filtered light we pass, as silent shadows, we tresspass.

Our alerted selves are no where near this leaf lined path of lynx and deer.

We wander wide, wishing no return to engine whine and traffic churn.

No need for turmoil, or overflow. How long we sleepwalk, we don’t know.

But return, we must, hesitating, slow, there are urgent jobs we can’t let go.

Still. Here we follow a voice so deep,

We’ll dream the dream and cherish sleep,

We’ll dream the dream and cherish sleep.

Please give a little clap if you have ever been enchanted by nature, Thanks! Christyl Rivers, Ecopsychologist

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