Panel 1 Report

One Bus Away

How to let users know the difference between scheduled arrival and real-time arrival?

This was the biggest problem they faced during the development of BOA. In order to know if users can easily recognize how to use OBA, they went to the bus station and showed people their paper prototype. By doing this, they could get feedback directly from the potential BOA users.

One aspect of the project stood out to me was the difficulty of applying to your design to real life. I remember very clearly when the speaker said,

“The transportation company would rather not give any information than give people the wrong information.”

They must spent a lot of time negotiating with the transportation company to reach the need of the transportation company. Because a great design is not only to meet the need of the users but sometimes we also need to take care of the people who provide the service.


Since Early Access is a technique of boosting sales and encouraging people to buy more. It is extremely important to make sure that the website shows Early Access to shoppers and lets shoppers know clearly what it is and how it works. The ways of conducting usability testing stood out to me. The research team analyzed the usability of Nordstrom website from many different aspect including color, website layout, reading habits of users…etc. It is very interesting to combine different aspects of the website together and find out the best solution.


After learning how color might affect users’ attention, I think I will do some change to the color use on my own sprints. In addition to adding more color to make it more energetic, I will also do some color arrangement to make the important icon and content become more easily seen by the users. Rearranging the layout of my sprints is another thing I might do. I will try put the more important things on the left and the less important things on the right.