Panel 2 Report

Jake Fleisher

Jake is an UX designer and researcher in Blink. Jake told us about two projects he did in the company, which are HP printer project and Hands free kitchen faucet project. I learned that keep drawing even if you do not have any new thing in your brain is the core idea in Jack’s ideation process. Jack’s passion about drawing stood out to me. He kept encouraging us to sketch as often as we can. I also like how he explaining about art and design are different things. I always do not think I am good at drawing. But his positive energy encouraged me to keep drawing because it is always helpful to generating ideas.

Katie Derthick

Katie is working on how to share what she knows to other people. She also mentioned that people’s views would immerse to their design. Hence, she thinks it is important to not only teach students the materials on the textbook and paper but also tell students how to see the world in different ways. Katie’s office wall stood out to me. She said she usually writes all her ideas on sticky notes and put them on her wall. Then she would use color tapes to link one idea to another. It is a great way to organize and note down ideas.


This panel taught me the importance of physicalizing the ideas one is thinking. Physicalizing ideas can help get more eyes from other people. It is also easier to arrange, analyze and revise ideas when you make your ideas into tangible things. Hence, I will try to sketch out my ideas as much as I can in future. I also learned that we do not know when will your ideas pop up so I will also bring my sketch book with me almost everywhere.

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