Panel 3 Report

Jeff Heer

Jeff analyzed the similarity of different departments at Stanford University and visualized the result. One thing that stood out to was that the distance from department A to department B would not necessary be the same as the distance from department B to department A. To explain it,he gave a very good example which was the relationship between computer science major and music major. Since the music department at Stanford University is known having great electronic music, students in the Music department are likely to have to learn some CS related courses to help them with music composition.

Kristine Kohlhepp

Kristine is working on a mental healthcare robot called EMAR. The ideal EMAR will walk around school and ask students some questions to know their mental states and see if someone needs help. They have done user test with some students in the elementary and the project goal now is to change EMAR’s appearance, increase the number of questions EMAR asks, and address the privacy issue. One thing that stood out to me was how her team redesigned EMAR’s eyes. I have thought about improving how EMAR walks and its appearance. But I did not notice how important EMAR’s eyes are. I think the current eyes interaction of EMAR is very successful that make people feel EMAR’s listening and encourage people to share their feelings with EMAR.


I think “remember to see things from the other side” is an important lesson I learned from these professional projects. If only looking into the relationship between departments from one side, professor Heer would not have successfully built up this unbiased and accurate visualization. If Kristine had only focused on the questions asked by EMAR and how to analyze answers from the students but not the interaction between students and EMAR, EMAR wouldn’t have become a robot which people are willing to talk to. I’ll try my best to look at my projects from another perspective in the future.

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