Dear Kelsey,

Thank you so much for your sharing your thoughts and questions with me. This is the exact kind of communication that we… women, men, dems, repubs and politicians… need to be having.

I also want to thank you for being so respectful and interested in clarification of many points that were made in the original post.

I will do my best to address all of the questions you asked. If I miss one, please let me know.

My problem with the “women’s March” was with their stated mission (which I think was a farce), their attire and that they condemned other women who didn’t stand with them or agree with EVERYTHING they believed. The march did not seem like a march for women’s rights at all. It appeared to be completely political. There were women who showed up to march that were pro life and/or were wearing hats & tshirts showing their support for Trump and they were told to leave. They were not allowed to march. One mother & daughter duo didn’t listen & they marched anyway & the daughter ended up being threatened (13 yrs old) because of her Trump hat. Then a woman grabbed her hat & threw it. That is when they decided to leave the march. If it was supposed to be a March for ALL women then why were they discriminated against? There are many, many women who are pro Trump but still believe in fighting for women’s rights. I am one of those people. I don’t support all of the issues that today’s feminists are fighting for. In fact, I don’t think that they are even issues. I do believe & will fight for women’s rights when it comes to health care insurance.

I also heard a lot of screaming of profanities and insults to Trump. In all of the speeches that I’ve heard (I have not heard America Ferrara or Scarlett Johansen’s speech yet), all I heard was screaming & nasty rhetoric. I didn’t hear them actually presenting a problem AND what resolution they want. For example, Ashley Judd (she really disappointed me because I’ve always loved her)… her speech was a poem titled “Nasty Woman”… and that she was. Her speech was so nasty and disgusting. I was shocked &….. Well, disgusted. I didn’t see a single sign stating what they wanted. I saw A LOT of signs about pussies with teeth, fuck Trump and other nasty statements. I don’t see how any of that is going to solve any issues. With the vagina costumes, pussy hats (not the cat ear ones) & Fuck Trump tshirts, all they did was make women look like nasty, distasteful, ignorant whiners. We need to say what we want… not just spew hate about men.

When you see a picket line, their boards/signs tell you what they are asking for (i.e better wages, better health insurance, better hours, etc). THAT is what they should be doing. I have absolutely nothing against feminists, but I do believe that today’s young feminists are nothing but whining babies who want to feel part of something big. I also have nothing against the REAL feminists &/or the “women’s March”. Like I said, I don’t agree with 95% of their grievances, but I believe in their right to feel what they feel and to march for what they want. But that’s not what I saw. I think feminism has crossed the line. Feminists today (not all, but the vast majority) look & act like bitter, angry, nasty, whining crybabies. We have come so far and now we behave like the nasty, condescending, abusive men that we fought against for our rights back in the 20’s & 60’s thru the 90’s. And now men are acting like wimpy, scared little mice. What is so wrong with having a strong, supportive, REAL GENTLEMAN and being a strong, independent and TRUE LADY? I think about Princess Diana a lot when I think about a true, strong feminist. She fought hard for what she believed needed to be changed but always, always remained a lady. THAT is what I would like to see from feminists today.

As far as Trump’s statements about women and grabbing their pussies … I am 100% against that and I was extremely angry and disappointed when that came out. It made me question voting for him. But…. That was said back in the 90’s & We have all done & said bad things when we thought noone else could hear or see us. I know a lot of women who talk just as nasty when they see a good looking man. Also, I didn’t see any of what is going on now with feminism when President Clinton did what he did. He was & might still be a womanizing pig. Anyway, my point is that the women’s March seemed to be all about that one statement and nothing about women’s issues.

I hope I answered all of your questions. Thank you again for being so kind & respectful in your response. And I also want to thank you for your questions. They were great questions… questions that could unite women if we would all just sit down and talk about issues respectfully without any judgment or prejudice.

Sincerely, Christy