Empresses in the Palace

Sun Li, A Chinese Actress ,Plays the role of Zhen Huan

Empresses in the Palace is also known as The Legend of Zhen Huan (in Chinese 甄嬛传)

China is a mysterious country has long history, and many people know that China had emperors in the past, and the emperors were vary from dynasty to dynasty. There were emperors, then of course there were empresses too. Empresses in the Palace is a TV series that obviously leaded by the empresses, and she is Zhen Huan.

The TV series is adapted by a novel of the same name. The story takes place in Qing dynasty when the emperor YongZheng holds power. Every emperor has a harem, and Zhen Huan was selected to be in the harem when she was 17.

Empresses in the Palace is telling a story of Zhen Huan, from her early life to her twilight year in the palace. Telling how she fight for survival and for being in the emperor's good books.

The TV series is very successful in China, it has 79 episodes in total and each episode has about 45mins. Randomly ask people on the street in China, 80% people have watched the series and nearly 70% people watched it more than twice.

It's now even on Netflix (U.S. region):

If you're interested in ancient Chinese culture, this series is a good choice. Even if myself as Chinese, when I was watching it I felt shock at social values in the old days.