Will emotional drain cause chronic diseases and health issues?

As an intro, I would like to specify that the note I have penned down is not just a story.It is a real life incident that I have witnessed.

I have a near and dear friend of 23 years old young talented techie worked in an MNC who is the reason behind this note.i would like to call him Enwel, which is obviously pseudo.

Enwel used to have a strong relationship with one of his junior girl and the relationship was very strong and genuine.For the last couple of years, Enwel used to depend on his girlfriend enormously.But unfortunately, they ended up with a break up recently(half a year back) and the over dependency of Enwel on that girl caused huge emotional drain and hence emotional instability.He lost his interest in his work even though he compensated well and good.

And on a very warm Sunday he promptly fainted down and a few friends brought him to a leading hospital in Cochin.After a detailed check up including MRI Scan and many other methods, the very experienced doctors found that he had a brain tumour. “Schwannoma”, be very specific.

The very experienced doctor raised a doubt that the brain tumour is not common in the age group of 23.So there might be some critical reason or trigger behind this.And finally, he reached a conclusion that the huge amount of emotional drain might be the sole reason for the tumour.

Once I heard this incident I have amused that whether the emotions are this powerful.But once I studied about the same in wide and deep I have realised that thoughts and hence emotions are extremely powerful and the negativity or instability in the thoughts and emotions will reflect as chronic health issues.This is the method adopted by the human body to nullify the negativity and to escape from the same.