A Breakup Letter to Moderate Conservatives
Rob Healy

This pretty much sums up the sick feeling I woke up with on November 8. None of the pundits’ assessments of this catastrophic electoral failure have satisfied my disbelief that such a thing could happen. But Alexander Hamilton (if, in fact, he is the author of Federalist #68) DID envision exactly this. I speak as a voter whose vote didn’t count. The Electoral College compromise, made, in part, to satisfy low-population slave-holding states in the election of a president, was also designed to prevent a charming, unfit person from becoming president. The electors, selected for their wisdom, rather than as a perk of being a faithful party member, are supposed to vote for the country, not a candidate or a party. There job is to prevent a categorically and frighteningly unfit person to be President. If there was ever a time for the Electoral College to do its job, it is now. Since it won’t, the voters who are not represented in this system must assure that the method of selecting a President changes.

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