Blog 002 — Today is Intro to Dancing

Dancing is most of my day. Training in the morning, teaching from afternoon to night and the occasional comp on the weekend. It has been four years since I had my first student at Krystal Ballroom! Time flies and crazier than my teaching schedule is the success of my competitive dancing has been incredible. Such excellent partners and coaches have to lead to rapid achievement the best part is I just want to work harder. Becoming a better dancer or teacher has meant many different things, and the progress of not only the accolades but the process has changed so much. I’m sure I’ll be going into more detail of my daily schedule and what I do, but for now, it’s just about appreciating the great people and places dance has brought me.

Teaching has become a full-time job, and I have soo many wonderful and talented students that I can’t believe have gotten as good as they are. Bringing some to their first comp last February was so much fun. They have all encouraged each other to continue to compete and are looking forward to Commonwealth in November. I will be bringing a ton of students, and most it will be their first time. Soo exciting!! There is nothing better than dancing for a living, but to see them have fun and make strides in their dancing is the best feeling ever. The relationship that they have formed together is the best part to watch and can’t wait to see how much fun they have at the next comp.

Competitively for me, the next season is about to start, and Lindsey and I are very excited to get out there and showcase some stuff we’ve been working on. We have done one show so far, and as planned it brought plenty of things to our attention that needs to be worked out before making a run at all the comps we plan to attend this year.

I am looking forward to getting a little deeper and talking about how we train and whats going on in the studio. The plan is to talk about fitness in separate posts, but it’s impossible to separate the two seeing how my fitness goals are 70% dance oriented.

I am also excited to talk about other people and share awesome experiences or funny things. Some people like TJ will miss out on his shoutouts because he said I need an audio book version of this for him to consume fully… :) — Or how Brandon hit a hole in one in his second year of golf and is now getting bombarded with old guys telling of how many long years they have waited for this experience.

Enough for today, 42 errors so far so I think I’m getting smarter.

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