What the Tech Reviewers Aren’t Telling You about the iPhone
Chris Pirillo

Here’s the thing… Only people who know who Chris Pirillo is will find this to be a problem. My Mom would never detect this issue, and neither would my girlfriend. My Brother would never notice this, nor would my Sister. My gaming friend and software engineer best friend might, but most of the people I work with wouldn’t. Heck — I didn’t notice it either.

This hasn’t been widely reported, because people either can’t even tell the issues exists and/or people just don’t care. It’s a minor issue really, that’s difficult to detect unless you have both phones side by side. Even knowing that it exists now, I’d never trade my 6S Plus for a 6S on this alone — no chance.

That being said it’s a good thing that Apple is aware that someone has noticed it, and I suspect they will work to try and eliminate the issue in the future. Always enjoy your work, Chris.

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