There is just something about seeing someone grow into who they should be. The achievement of reaching a place of potential burns a passion into my heart. To see someone excel and grow…nothing beats that overwhelming feeling of celebration.

One of the most powerful quotes I’ve come across; “I am not here to compete with anyone. I hope we all make it.”. Potential is one of those priceless commodities we find in the world today. To help bring that into fulfillment is what any person should aim for. We see it in everyone around us, yet we don’t always see it in ourselves. One of the biggest gifts you can give someone is to love them through their struggle into becoming their best. Guide them, make them coffee, breakfast in bed, honor them, celebrate small victories. Real leaders see potential and help develop it. My “buddy” at work is there to help me get to grips with how things work. I remember the other day when I thanked him for always helping me his response was; “That is what I am here for, and I will teach you to be better than me.”. This to me is the true mark of a leader, mentor, coach, parent, and friend. To help someone excel above your own capabilities.

One of my favorite movies is Man of Steal. A lot of people didn’t like it but to me it was a journey of self acceptance, discovery, and growth. Superman had to make choices and he had to decide if it was him other people who would see the end of the day. Selfless sacrifice is rare and we should celebrate it. We should be armor bearers for those who go before us. Support them in whichever way we can. Servant leadership is beautiful. Acknowledge it, celebrate it, and support those appointed over you. They need it….

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