Strengths awareness challenge

Day 1: Empathy

When you drive past someone and you pick up their mood you know you have this talent in your life. Like yesterday when i drove past a hitchhiker and could feel her frustration…or it was just her sign language after i drove by that was the give away. I often still find myself. easily “reading” emotional sates on faces when i walk in the mall or go for a jog. When you ask people how they are doing you can tell by watching their faces if they are telling the truth…and then ask how they are really doing.

Watched Glee yesterday and thought about how cool it would be to just sing about your emotions. When your sad, happy, or afraid you just signal your band that always follows you around and look for a dramatic staircase for entry into your emotional expression…and then i realized it’s empathy again. I value trust and i need freedom to express this in everyday life. Be it with a friend or the lady at checkers in the line waiting to check out. Yesterday i thought about how fuzzy and safe the world would feel if everyone just let down some of their guard in our high paced goal driven society and actually cared about the person crying in the car next to you in traffic. You know, just get out of the car and knock on the window and ask if you can buy them a muffin or something and chat a bit. Empathy drives towards emotional expression and thrives on it to help other people express their emotions even when they are not aware of it. Combine that with connectedness and strategic and you have this killer combo to actually truly understand and give solutions.

Empathy is great. It greets you in the morning when you wake up with either a grumble or a smile and settles down with the first cup of coffee. It helps you with perspective in the sense that you are aware of the people around you. It helps when a friend needs an ear because you really live the story with them and when you say you understand they can see it in your eyes. It makes people feel heard and loved. It sometimes cries. It sometimes smiles. And sometimes…just sometimes…it can use sign language to express itself. Sorry hitchhiker lady. But responsibility awareness day is only on Friday…