Strengths awareness challenge

Day 2

Belief — When people ask me what belief is like i explain that its almost like a processing machine in the middle of my being. Info goes in on the one side, processed through core values, and then comes out either as a belief or a fly by comment…belief is strong. Very strong.

I have discovered over the past few months that their is a definite difference between a belief and a truth. A truth is absolute. Like gravity. You cant change it. It is and will always be there keeping our feet planted on earth. Or like a sunrise. It will come, every day. You can do what you want but this wont change. You are planted by gravity and the sun will rise no matter what time you went to bed. A belief to me is how you interpret or see a truth…or in some cases a lie. A belief is taking info and forming it into a conviction that is deeply engrained and shapes the way we approach life. Belief makes me live out of my convictions. I am convicted that gravity can hurt when you jump off a building and that the sunrise is a signal to a new start.

It wasn’t until last year that i could come to terms that not everyone believes what i do. I had to lead a team through South America for a year doing relief work and soon came to realize that beliefs differ across cultures and in teams. And it’s totally fine…as long as the truth stays in tact. So when opinions fly and people passionately advocate their cause it’s important to sit back, listen, and just make sure the common goal stays in tact…we are here to serve. How that happens is irrelevant. It can be done by feeding homeless people or washing the car of the president. The goal is to serve and help whoever needs it. The president needs to feel loved just like the homeless person. We are human.

Another important thing for my belief theme is to do good, make a difference. Uplift society in some or other way. This is where coaching comes in. It is so thrilling to see someone realize their worth, that they matter. When people become more and more who they really are i want to throw them a party! I want to celebrate the discovery of potential and drink champagne with the sunrise…because a new day has dawned and we can only move forward from here on…

Like i said, beliefs are strong. They drive my passions, thinking, expressions, emotions, and how i approach relationships. I need to constantly remind myself that there is a difference between a belief and a truth…its called perspective. A belief is personal, a truth is eternal.