Series have replaced movies. I've never been one for hours in front of a television but lately it has hooked me. I become so involved in the story I cry, laugh, celebrate, and miss them when I’m not watching. It slows life down. Unless you’re at work. There is an urgency there to meet deadlines, performance, reports, and workloads. It is two different environments. Overstimulated at work, under stimulated at home. We are over exposed to different environments and it can make us numb in the long run. We sometimes develop a subconscious urgency to just feel alive. I have noticed that some people don’t notice things. Well most people. Someone’s new haircut, shaved beard, new outfit. People are more on medication for social anxiety than what they eat breakfast. We go out and party just to feel alive while being anxious around people. We are all looking for connections. To be accepted, to feel part of something bigger. An adventure, a story of redemption, a team, a wolf pack. With an alpha of course. No one wants to do this alone. We are all looking for connections and maybe thats the thing. We should stop looking. We should start being. Bring people together, create safe environments, be the alpha, be the person who helps the alpha, engage. Be fully present. Risk is called risk for a reason. It is because you don’t know the outcome. And its worth pursuing. And if it fails, it fails. Then get up and take another risk. Failure, rejection, success, rewards, connections. These are all part of risk. Forget the urgency. Things take time. Nothing happens overnight. It takes consistent effort until the outcome is visible. Make a choice then to keep on or let go…

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