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Upon review of our caseload, there are a significant number of TANF applications being denied; however, there are many reasons the denials are taking place.” Those include failing to meet eligibility criteria, unresolved noncompliance issues, an ongoing mandatory work sanction period, unverified compliance with upfront requirements, failing to provide necessary data, voluntarily quitting or being fired from a job for one’s own behavior, failing to cooperate with child support enforcement, failing to show up for appointments, or voluntarily withdrawing an application.

Above is a quote from article. I used to work for a housing authority and we had many of the same issues. eligibility, and noncompliances, drug abuse, falsifying info, etc all got people taken off the list of barred etc. Child support is a big one they must name the father of the children so that the state can go after the money … if they refuse they are ineligible too.

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