Start NOW!

Last week, I watched Collateral Beauty, there was something that caught my attention and was the quote We long for love, we wish we had more time, and we fear death. Also, a couple of weeks before I watched Passengers and despite the general critiques, I liked the movie. There was a moment that made me think seriously about life. (Spoiler Alert) It was when Jim Preston realized that there’s no way to get to sleep again and there are 90 years ahead until arrive to Homestead II. In that exact moment I thought: this is actually how the real life is. There is just one, you may wake up one day and discover that you’re trapped in a starship for the rest of your life or translated to the real world, you could wake up one day in twenty or thirty years from now and discover that you’ve been procrastinating and delaying what you really wanted to do and are passionate about and there’s less time than you thought and won’t get a second shoot.

Now, what I really want to say is that whatever you’d like to do in your life, no matter what your dreams are, start now. I’m not telling you to quit your job today, just use and manage your time in a better and more efficient way to accomplish more than you do now.

I’m pretty sure you heard so many times quotes like “time is limited” or “life is short” and that’s true but, make an stop for a moment and realize the following, there’s no second life, there’s not a second chance, you just have this life and is already running out and every second count. Now think that you don’t know how much time left you have in this world, so it worth to start figuring out how to start working on whatever you dream with if you expect to make them true before you die. Maybe you want to write since 10 years ago, or design something, start producing music, learn how to play an instrument, become a master on something or reading those books about x, y or z topic.

From a hobby to a new career or just something in the side, if you want to do something, just do it, start now. We own all these new tools and technologies that allow us to make everything possible, we can literally write a blog post or a book and publish it online almost immediately, create art, design and create products, experiences, write code and launch an app easily, we can learn everything we want online, even for free. I’m not saying that you need to run a business, but following your passion and maybe you have more than one, it is about those meaningful things that make you fell fulfilled and hopefully will change the world and make some money as consequence.

There is nothing that make you less capable or able to get anything done. With only some exceptions, most of us have the same access to technology, tools an have an entire world full of ideas into our minds to make WHATEVER we want, just feel it in your heart, wake up that spirit hungry for more and forget all the reasons and voices that say you can’t.

This post was written at 4am, I just decided to write this and started doing it at that moment. My English is not the best, it doesn’t have the best structure and obviously I’m not a professional writer or journalist, but I don’t care, I just need you to understand my idea and that’s enough for me. I started writing it, because if I wait for the perfect time, maybe I’m going to die before finally publish this post. So as sooner you start, sooner you’ll accomplish your goals and dreams in life, don’t wait to become a master, don’t procrastinate, be open to the idea of start, allow you to fail and try again, but do it quickly. Be flexible to let you learn new things, evolve as human and don’t be afraid, because all we got one life, but you could be surprised of how much we can do with the time we have left.

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