Why Trump voters are not “complete idiots”
Chris Arnade

Chris, this piece is fantastic, like other posts of yours I’ve read. I also think there’s another part of the story, although I’m not sure I can articulate it well. I’m from Montana (living in SF now). In Montana, I know people making a good living as outfitters and small-town white-collar professionals. I wouldn’t say they’re on the losing side of society there. They’re among very few winners who find good jobs. That is, they’re smart about what they do, and hard working. When I come into contact with them, I feel like I can rely on them to do what they will say, and to discuss their job, at least, in a very realistic manner. But they are also pro-Trump. Very pro-Trump. They’re local winners, but they are living another story through the media. I’m not sure they think they’re losers on a national level. But they’ve been swept up in a story that wasn’t there before, a correction to all the accumulated wrongs they’ve heard reported.

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