Thesis Question

Getting rolling on the Digital Design Thesis at UCD.

What is Thesis?

Basically It’s a really freaking big project that determines whether or not we can enjoy that fresh diploma smell in May 2018. When you say it like that it sounds a bit frightening so I like to think of it as an opportunity to demonstrate all of the skills that we have acquired in our four years as students in UCD’s Digital Design program. Also, it’s an opportunity for us to build a professional network and get our feet in the door in Colorado’s growing design industry.

So what am I gonna do about it?

While some people might tell you that print is dead, I’m a firm believer that print and digital both have important roles to play. This belief got me thinking about ways to mix print and digital. It also inspired the following thesis question; how can emerging technologies be used to augment print media and provide more interactive experiences? Augmented Reality is the first answer that comes to mind but I want to create a tactile piece that will physically be interacted with. The piece I want to create will manifest as a series of posters that use conductive ink and Arduino based micro controllers to create a printed surface that would make specific noises when touched. This is my initial idea but after I learn more about the capabilities of Arduino, the scope of the project or deliverables could change.

Why is this a worthy thesis and why am I right for the project?

This type of technical project is out of my comfort zone and out of the realm of what most visual designers would be asked to do, and that’s why it’s perfect for thesis. What I‘ve learned through a few internships is that sometimes a task will land on your desk that you have no idea how to do. I have also learned that you better suck it up and learn how to complete that task. This thesis project will demonstrate my ability to adapt to new technologies and overcome challenges.

Throughout my four years at UCD, I have placed an emphasis on; typography, composition, color theory, and craftsmanship. The interactive posters will be an opportunity to showcase these disciplines and create an engaging installation.