Facebook: I’m Giving Up, You’ve Jumped The Shark

How I’m learning to live without Facebook.

I’m giving up. Facebook Wins, We all lose.

Facebook’s Edgerank Algorithm keeps getting worse for exposure of both personal and business posts. I’m giving up trying to share relevant and educational articles from other sites. Facebook buries them. Shared photos and videos? Facebook buries them. With my Personal account supporting The Chris Voss Show blog I have roughly 20,000 facebook followers/friends and still even paying to promote, the results suck. I can tell now by how Facebook puts certain boxes around my posts when they go up, some really small for Youtube shares, others simple around a shared news story, that almost no one will see it. You can tell by the lack of comments and engagement. Text posts seem to be the only thing that works anymore. Facebook has been honest about what its burying and the bottom line is they want you to buy ads to promote your interests if you want engagement.

Buy Ads or get nothing. Pay to Play. Content engagement isnt quality anymore, its just about $$.

I knew this would happen all along. I knew Facebook would go ad based and betray all the people who spent tons of money building their Fan Pages and then hold the followers for ransom. Did you really think Facebook wouldnt grow up into an ad service platform? Just think if you’d spent all that money building up your own .com site? This was seen coming by me for miles away. For 4+ years I’ve told clients I consult with to grab as much online real estate as you can, cause someday it wont be free. Some listened, fools waited. I’ve got news for all you complainers. It will keep get worse and you will have to pay more or sit out.

Necessity and economics drive change. Time is ripe for change again.

I remember the heady days of MySpace. Its was an awesome exciting platform at the time where you could share and communicate with your friends. For companies struggling with the recent recession it was a great emerging platform for small and large business. Then Rupert Murdoch showed up and bought the company for $580 million and MySpace suddenly had massive debt. It had to grow up and meet shareholder demands. The end result was more ads, more red tape and pages you had to go through to do anything. They killed its experience and we left for new open Facebook.

Even Facebook knows it has you trapped and surrounded.

Now Facebook has become the experience killer MySpace was. A small percentage of followers will see your posts in terms of 3-7% if your lucky. Thats likely Impression Rates too showing up on a giant feed wall so you might as well be yelling into an empty forest? Even Rupert Murdoch Tweeted a warning to Facebook 10 months ago: “Look out Facebook! Hours spent participating per member dropping seriously. First really bad sign as seen by crappy MySpace years ago.” Mark Zuckerberg is furiously investing in other companies as people move to other platforms with their time spent online. He knows he’s got to squeeze you for whatever $$ you have left as you spend more time elsewhere and hopefully he’ll pick you up at the other site. If you really think about it, its pretty smart. Facebook will squeeze you for money, you run to another site, Facebook owns it or buys it and will eventually squeeze you there too. ITS LIKE A RAT MAZE GAME! All Facebook has to do for survival is just buy the next place youre leaving it for. Well at least Facebook was smarter than MySpace in that regard.

Are you expecting it to improve or get cheaper by complaining?

Its not gonna get cheaper or easier on Facebook. If you’re complaining now, its only gonna get worse and more expensive. Right now the only thing that seems to get any traction, engagement and views, is writing an original text post and I’m not even sure a photo should be on it, Facebook might think its a meme. The sad part is this really kills sharing outside posts and information which is what social media is built on — the freedom and democratization of information. Facebook wants you to make content for them and if you want to SHARE other stuff as a distribution point for others, you’ll need to pay for that too.

I learned a long time ago as a serial entrepenuer and investor that if you dont own it and control it, kiss it goodbye. I’ve never poured money into getting Facebook Fan Page tons of fans. All my money goes into a site I own and control: TheChrisVossShow.com . I can still send posts to everyone on my lists without paying more. Maybe its time we all invested into something we control for a change and quit the rat maze race?

So Facebook you win. You’ve killed my fun and experience. Its all about you and your money grubbing now. I’m pulling back all the sharing and just doing a few text posts and a picture or 2 giving you the bare minimums until something better comes along. Which it will. Who needs a Facebook “killer” when you’ve got Facebook suicide.

Time for a change.

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