San Jose BMW Motorcycle Reviews — Horrible Experience Subjected To Racism

Chris Ward
Dec 27, 2017 · 3 min read

As an African American man living in the San Jose area, I’ve had my share of being stereotyped and have even experienced some name calling and other forms of racism in my lifetime. I never thought I’d be writing a review about racism though. As a man who grew up living with a father who loved motorcycles, I have always been around bikes and I have long enjoyed riding my motorcycle (Harley Davidson Night Train) down the roads in and around Metcalf Park. I’ve found it a great place to ride with plenty of great scenery to enjoy. Many days every month I hop on the bike and head down there to ride and at times, I take my wife along and we make a day of it by stopping for a picnic lunch or to swing by one of our favorite restaurants in San Jose.

I’ve been considering buying a new motorcycle since last year. My Harley, even at 10 years old now, has been and still is, a superb bike and I have no plans to get rid of it since I enjoy riding it so much. I wanted to check out the motorcycles at one of the local shops though and decided to go to San Jose BMW this week to see what they had on the showroom floor. Quite frankly, I had every intention of purchasing a new bike while I was out, and I had my wife come along so she could see what I was looking at.

Started By Reading Reviews Of San Jose BMW Motorcycle

I had never been to San Jose BMW before, but I had checked a few reviews and I talked to a man I work with at the hospital and he said they had some nice cruisers that I may be interested in. This is the first time I’ve ever taken time to write a review about any business, but with what I experienced at this shop, I think others should be aware of how these people are.

We saw a group of guys standing just inside the doors when we were walking up, and they all seemed to be laughing and having fun. To me, it looked like a pleasant business. The demeanor of the men changed as soon as my wife and I walked in the door.

One of the men walked over to me and asked me if my car had broken down and said he just wanted to tell me they didn’t have a public phone or a restroom available for non-paying people. I informed the man that my car was the silver Mercedes Benz sitting to the right side of the building and that neither of us needed to use the restroom.

I tried to ignore that man because it was pretty obvious that he judged my wife and I because we are African American. While I was getting angry, I decided to at least try to speak to someone else who might not harbor those racist attitudes. I’m writing a review because unfortunately, I was not able to find anyone.

I’m a surgical assistant and I have seen some truly bad situations in the ER, but the feeling I had in my gut from the way my wife and I were treated by this dealership was more than I could personally handle. Have you ever fallen prey to someone trying to run scams on an innocent person? If so, then you know how you get a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach because you realize someone was trying to run a scam or that someone was able to scam you and cause you lose money, or something else due to their scams. It can make a person feel physically ill to be taken advantage of by someone else. I felt this same sick feeling in my stomach when I realized that at the age of 45, I was being stereotyped by not one, but two and possibly more white salesmen at a company that I had actually looked forward to visiting in hopes of buying a new motorcycle.

I’m writing this review to try to warn other African Americans and anyone who may not be “white enough” for these people to be very wary when doing business with them. My wife sat in the car and cried all the way home when we left, and I am still kicking myself for not saying anything while I was there, but unlike the man who was so rude to me, I have far too much dignity and respect for myself to lower myself to their level.

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