Dear Majority. Please Stop Telling Me “You Stand With Me”
umair haque

Your suffering is mostly invisible to me. As years go by, as a large tall white man with greying hair, people seem to be well-behaved when I’m around. (If only that were the case when I was a child — but then I might be completely blind to the advantages of my appearance.)

And I live in a liberal city (the Australian Greens do well in elections here) and move in circles where bigotry is looked down upon. It’s easy to forget that the world you move in is so different from mine, but I believe your story because I hear consistent stories, from women and minorities. And I’ve been bullied myself, so I know what people can be like.

I’ve been guilty in both my actions and inaction, and have also stood up to bullies. As years have gone by, I’ve learned to notice when I’m going along with the crowd, with my conditioning or my ego, and to stop. But it’s still easy to be unaware of my blindspots

And it’s easy for me for me to say the words, and harder for me to do something real, like spending my time and energy for refugee rights (perhaps the most blatant area of injustice in my own society). Thank you for the reminder.

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