Wil Wheaton shared this on twitter, that’s why I ended up here.
Josepha Kalsbeek

Idk, look at the comments below and see how hateful and in denial of reality people are (people look at a video and say he meant the opposite of what he actually said) and not just domestically, he wants to end treaties, end free trade, start trade wars, I live in DC and anyone connected with the DOD or intelligence is sh*tting bricks right now.

I have read a number of articles in Der Spiegel, Moscow Times, The Guardian, that indicate Russian banks are donating tons of money to Le Pen and Brexit and other extreme nationalist parties all over Europe. Even Denmark and Sweden, places Americans thought were the nicest people on the planet, are voting these evil people into power.

I know some history buffs and professors who are frightened. I am.frightened.

But unlike those smaller countries, we voted in a nationalist quasi socialist into power in the world’s top superpower, which means we just screwed over the entire world, and everyone else will suffer.

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