The Purpose of Life is to Be a Nobody
Zat Rana

I’ve always thought along these lines. I could never understand why people take shit so seriously. And I’ve always thought that feeling all-important and all-significant is the cause of all neuroses.

At work, they’d fret so much about some report that’s likely never to be read, figures which have likely been massaged, anyway, or stats that mean nothing about how the business is actually doing. They won’t sleep nights, come in early, then worry about it over lunch, and take it personally if you don’t care as much as they do.

Some take on an identity — the story they tell themselves about themselves — and then dedicate their lives to conforming to their own made-up narrative, believing and behaving the same way they did in teenage years.

Then there’s the struggle to act reasonably and consistently no matter what the sacrifice — nobody must suspect that we’re unreasonable or hypocritical. If feelings don’t make sense, they’re wrong. If we love animals, we must be vegans. If we fall out or are angry with someone, there’s no way in hell we’ll go back on what was said, even if inside we realise we were wrong, or if we don’t have those feelings anymore, or don’t remember what we disagreed over in the first place.

And how entitled people feel! They have expectations, standards, demand respect of their beliefs, become offended, need to come out on top and be right and feel acknowledged. Or, go in opposite direction, strive to conform to someone else’s arbitrary standards, to be liked and accepted. We end up living somebody else’s lives and using Prozac and alcohol to numb the pain.

Being unreasonable is OK. Being hypocritical is fine. Changing your mind is normal. Not making sense is OK. All belief systems are equally wrong. Everything you know is wrong. No-one has to support your ideas, opinions, or anything you stand for. Nobody cares about you because everyone’s pre-occupied with themselves. You’re not anywhere near as important as you like to think you are. You’ll die trying to influence what people think about you. The only person you can please is yourself. The only thing you can change is how you feel about circumstances, not the circumstances themselves. The only person you can change is you.

So get over yourself, relax, and learn to watch the world go by.

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