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I have the same feeling with “The Walking Dead” I had with the last 2–3 seasons of “Dexter.” Just going through the motions hoping to be surprised. You knew Negan was not going to be killed and you knew the “war” would not really begin or end. Negan is far too electrifying a character to be killed off without a slow, long buildup. And even then, do you really want him killed? What’s left once Negan is gone? We’ve already seen 1,001 different and oh-so-creative ways to kill a zombie. The show has become goofy, with trained tigers and weird garbage people speaking “A Clockwork Orange” gibberish. The series has entered a peculiar “Thunderdome” fantasy world, lacking authenticity, one implausible situation after another. It has painted itself into an incredible corner, and one has the uncomfortable impression there’s no end in sight.

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