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Mr. Romo is wealthy beyond his dreams. So I am not going to feel too sorry for him. As long-time Cowboys fan dating back to Staubach, let me say that Tony has always been his own worst enemy. There have been flashes of unexpected brilliance, followed by bonehead plays causing one to fall to the living room floor as if struck by Mike Tyson. The catch-non-catch by Dez in Green Bay was another example of bonehead. It’s 4th and 2 and we need to run time off the clock before the score. Romo changed the play at the line of scrimmage and threw the bomb, a low percentage play at best. We didn’t need that big play. If that had been a catch we would have scored with too much time left on the clock, and Rodgers drives against a mediocre defense for the tie (assuming we convert two) or far more likely, the win. We needed a low-risk play, conversion, and keep the clock moving to salt it with a late TD on the road. Green Bay dared with single Dez coverage and Tony took the bait like a catfish chomping shad. At worst, Dallas scores quickly and Rodgers gets the ball with comfortable time. At worst-worst, Dez drops the ball. As usual under Romo, the worst-worst happened.

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