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Still scratching my head over the Chandra kiss scene. It’s telling while watching it for the first time, I assumed it was a dream sequence and Naz was going to wake up in his cell in a cold sweat. Nope, it actually happened. Hard to imagine a young and ambitious woman such as Chandra even remotely allowing such an incident to happen. I fully expected the series to end without revealing the jury’s verdict and was already preparing myself for the outrage and more than a little grudging respect at such an open-ended conclusion, Price essentially giving the finger to viewers with a bold statement his series was not about the verdict, but the system and characters themselves. I thought the trial ended with a good twist (loved the final episode because you had absolutely no idea what the ending might be), with everything to follow poignant and more than a little tragic. You’ve made a hugely consistent ten-hour film, 80% of which was bold, dark and played against form. I’ll allow the other 20% and state it was one of my favorite programs in a long time.

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