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The number of rapes listed in the latest lawsuit are skewed, because numbers are always skewed in lawsuits. Lawyers never expect a suit to actually go to trial, thus numbers are exaggerated to guarantee ASAP settlement.

Briles being knowledgeable of the crimes his players committed should not come as a surprise either. Every good coach is aware of every single detail of his players. What has caused this scandal to explode into historic proportions has been Baylor’s stubborn refusal at transparency, thus every single detail is magnified. The very second the Pepper Hamilton report was released, everything should have gone public. Every single person involved, to include, ironically, Ken Starr, should have stood at that podium and apologized profusely and detailed what was going to take place in the future at Baylor.

You can’t do this stuff behind closed doors and hope it goes away. It never works like that. Briles himself should have been front and center at that podium with a detailed future plan. It still might not have saved his job, but it would have put out a fire that rages uncontrollably.

It’s a perfect, nightmarish storm — a school without past football success achieving incredible heights, a coach given unlimited power, a town isolated and essentially small, players brought in with great athletic ability but academic and character issues (no better way to turn a program around quickly) and a coach with tunnel vision, achieving such incredible success he was mentioned as a future candidate for a certain pro job in Dallas.

Now you have a disaster so intense, it renders the fertilizer explosion in West, Texas a mere fart in the wind. You have to publicly admit blame and you have to personally look in the mirror and say, “You know what, we fucked up.”

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