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There’s this belief about golf, promoted and romanticized by the media covering the sport, that it is a gentleman’s game dating back over a century. The sport maintains tradition, no matter the decade, replete with hideous jackets presented to well-bred practitioners of the sport. It adheres to rules at all costs, maintaining integrity superior to all common men. It is religion, bred by the belief that while the world around us goes to hell, golf will always adhere to standards and rules no matter common sense. The soft tinkling of ivories will begin the broadcast, and men will whisper the highlights as if they were sitting in the Notre Dame Cathedral. We adhere to rules. Rules are important. Discipline the order of the day. And such obsession creates the kind of repulsive creature that reared its ugly head at the LPGA on Sunday.

Sometimes the officials miss the call. That’s the way it goes in all sports. You do not allow a fan to call in a penalty that took place 24 hours ago and change the outcome of a very important tournament. That is a disgrace.

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