Give, Give, Give, Give!!

I came into this world with something I believe to be a unique and ounstading character trait. That is the ability to keep on giving and providing value to other people without the expectation of receiving anything in return.

Now im not sure if this is a genetic trait or something i have acquired through my up bringing. What I do know is that it is what seperates me as and makes me an Individual who will leave a legacy on this planet when my time is up.

Relationships are the end all be all of life, no two ways around that, it just is what it is. When you are constantly giving in a relationship and expecting nothing in return, I believe this is where true happiness comes from. Ofcourse relationships need to be a two way straight, but before any of that can come to fruition you need to figure out what it is you can give this person that is of value and something they need.

Often times you will here people say that because you are always giving then that must mean you are a “push-over” how far from the truth that is! Dont give into this negativity, “giving” in my opinion is getting a leg up on your lifeopponents because they will have no idea how happy you can be by doing so.

Life becomes a little bit easier when you are a giver as well, you arent sitting around stressing when you are going to get a favour in return. This is a major competitive advantage in this game of life! Stress less and be happy more, Im pretty sure every person on the planet is looking for those two things. I’ve got a simple formula that in my opinion is 100% guaranteed to work!

So this is my call to action, Start being a better Boyfriend/Girlfirend/Parent/Partner/Boss etc. by giving, your life will become that much better and you will have much better relationships with the people around you.