Alchemy is thrilled to congratulate Aave on becoming the second DeFi protocol to reach $1 billion in total value locked. Aave grew from $529 million to $1.26 billion in one week, an insane increase supported by the Alchemy developer platform. In fact, since switching to Alchemy, Aave has gracefully scaled 3000x.

  • Aave are the mad geniuses behind Flash Loans.
  • They recently published Aavenomics, their long-term vision for growth.
  • Their favorite product is Alchemy Monitor for the crucial insights and instant feedback.

Aave is a decentralized lending and borrowing marketplace, a money market created because access to capital is something everybody…

Today we are thrilled to announce that Alchemy, already the world’s leading blockchain developer platform with 70% of top Ethereum apps, has ended its closed beta and is now available for all developers to use. Launching a self-serve platform for all developers has been a major goal since founding Alchemy, and now we’re one step closer to our mission of supercharging the next computing paradigm.

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Alchemy currently provides the infrastructure and developer tools that support over $7.8 Billion dollars worth of on-chain transactions annually, 70% of top Ethereum applications, and roughly 60% of the total assets…

Today we are excited to introduce Alchemy Supernode, the most widely used Ethereum API with all the functionality of a node, including full JSON-RPC support, but with the reliability, scalability and speed needed to run world-class applications on the blockchain.

The traditional Web 2.0 approach to scaling infrastructure uses multiple, indistinguishable servers managed by a load balancer. With blockchain, however, applications can’t treat nodes indistinguishably because each node syncs and stores data from the blockchain asynchronously. Simply running nodes behind a load balancer may result in inconsistent data, as the latest block on each node might be different. Data inconsistencies…

Today we are excited to introduce Alchemy Monitor, our comprehensive suite of dashboards and alerts for blockchain app health, performance, and user behavior. All the data you need, right at your fingertips.

Traditional monitoring tools don’t capture the data that blockchain developers need to understand how to improve performance. This lack of transparency makes it impossible to know where to start, and too often developers learn about errors at the same time as their users. …

Today we are excited to introduce Alchemy Build, our powerful suite of blockchain developer tools that helps you prototype, debug, and ship products faster.

Building great blockchain apps today is difficult due to a lack of fundamental developer tools. This can lead to longer debugging sessions, delayed release cycles, and customer outages. Based on hundreds of customer interviews, we estimate that blockchain developers currently spend 12 engineering hours per week on non-product related issues. If blockchain is truly meant to change the world, the industry simply can’t afford this.

Alchemy Build helps developers save countless engineering hours with tools for…

We are excited to announce two major additions to the developer experience at Alchemy: our brand new developer community and our new and improved API documentation!

One of Alchemy’s core missions is to provide the ultimate developer experience for all blockchain developers. To achieve this goal, we’re kicking off with a developer community on discord and improved documentation.

Developer Community Discord

The purpose of our developer community is to provide a space for all developers to discuss blockchain related topics, ask questions, get support, and engage with each other. We’ll host Q&As with startup founders and legendary developers, provide troubleshooting support on technical…

Alchemy is proud to sponsor the MoneyHacks2020 virtual hackathon by Circle, also sponsored by Compound. More than 100 developers will compete as teams to build the most compelling payments, commerce and finance products using Circle APIs, USDC stablecoins, and the Alchemy blockchain developer platform. Judges from Pantera Capital, Castle Island Ventures and Aragon will award cash prizes and Circle API credits to the winning projects.

Alchemy will share a live demo of its blockchain developer platform as well as provide support for teams throughout the weekend on Alchemy’s community discord. Join the conversation for MoneyHack ideas, troubleshooting support on technical questions, and engaging with other developers in the blockchain space.

Follow us on Twitter for updates throughout the hackathon.

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Today we are excited to launch Alchemy Notify, a new product for the Alchemy blockchain developer platform that solves one of the most critical UX problems in blockchain: real-time notifications for transactions and events.

Get started here with Alchemy Notify.

In contrast to seamless modern-day online purchases with instant confirmation, blockchain transactions often require continuous monitoring and page refreshing while waiting for blocks to be mined. The entire blockchain transaction ecosystem is predicated on this necessity for constant attention and this friction is often enough to turn away users with money in transit.

Studies show that daily push notifications…

The Ethereum ecosystem primarily relies on two providers for the fundamental unit of infrastructure: nodes. One of these organizations, Parity Technologies, announced they are focusing on other initiatives and discontinuing development on their Ethereum node software. We at Alchemy have recently decided to switch from Parity to the other major option, Geth, and suggest you do the same since it is being actively developed by a dedicated team. Migrating core infrastructure is mission critical and nuanced. From our years of infrastructure experience powering top companies around the globe at Alchemy, we created this guide to migrating from Parity to Geth…

Nothing should be above the law, and especially not politics.

News broke this week that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RBG) was hospitalized (but thankfully discharged), once again raising questions about her health and when she would ultimately retire from the Court.

Well, one answer could be that she’s waiting to see how this upcoming election plays out, crossing her fingers for a Biden victory. Indeed, one of the reasons people are voting for Joe Biden in the upcoming election is because Presidents get to appoint Supreme Court Justices, and Democrats want to ensure we have a liberal Justice…

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