Reverse engineering the ChefSteps Joule (and making a chrome extension)
Dennis Li

Nice job Dennis, I’ll be installing this myself. In case you’re curious, the reason we don’t let Joule reach a rolling boil is because our heater is capable of transition from nucleated boiling to film boiling (I wrote about this in ModernistCuisine, see stages of boiling) due to the extreme watt density (about 60% of a reactor core), which causes the heater to get very, very hot. So Joule needs to operate about three degrees below the local boiling point, hence the pressure transducer to figure out the current local boiling point. But we think we’ll be able to eliminate that part in a future revision by simply detecting the onset of this transition by looking at tell-tale signs from the accelerometer that is also onboard Joule (there is a lot of cool engineering that goes into the hardware too).

In any event, if you’re interested in going a bit deeper into expanding the ways we can interact with our kitchen tools, feel free to send me a DM. It’s

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