Bertil Muth and Chris thanks for stopping by :) You are both correct that some of the decision…
Andrei Draganescu

I worked in some project that business side just want developer to “do as I told”. I also worked in lot more projects where I was told to make some trivia or even serious business decision on my own.

Maybe not everyone gonna have these kind of luxuries, but once you have your own power to make decision, then we should put these thought into account.

From my experienced, junior developers who lack of customer insight, who too focus on coding, given the customer problem, they first taught usually gonna be, “well, let’s give them more option, more feature and more clickable things”

But I understand that not every developer get luxuries to make these decision on his own. I happened to be somewhere in between “lucky enough to work in open minded environment” and “earn enough trust from stakeholder”.

But obviously not all part of my career have been in this way.