Programming is always about human

Lately I have a very lovely debated about coding with co-workers, and I want to log some journey here.

I believe (personally believe) that the biggest problem of technical debt is it demoralizes programmer. I believe this is bigger problem than bad code itself. Bad code can be fix given enough time, but morality degrade take real serious damage to team and very hard to fix. (I missed this point badly in my early days of programming career).

Technical debt take some damage about we will go slower over time. But that is still fixable, always fixable.

Programming is never been about computer, it’s always about human working on computer!!!!

I believe good code is a code where everyone enjoy to work and modify. Because we are human. We have preferences. We work better on some codebase and worse on some codebase. That’s fine. We don’t judge if someone work better with PHP. We don’t call “Hey, you are not a real programmer if you can only coding in WordPress”

I hate judgmental people. Just hate.

Lot of programmers try to act like they always use logic and always force themselves to have logical-based decision, to the point that they blindly deny their own feeling.

Programmer is not a computer, stop viewing yourself as robot who always act base on logical and fact. Accept it that you are human. You always have favorite and bias. Some of you may love Ruby more than Java without any logical reason. Some of you may love Haskell more than Go just because people you admire working on Haskell.

That’s okay. Don’t try to cover it up with logical reason.

If you love Ruby, you don’t have to find some “concrete evidence” or “numbers” to support that Ruby is better than everything. You love it because you just love it. That’s okay. That’s very human. Only human is capable of loving. Only human can use their love to motivate themselves to make things better.

Don’t cover it up with reason, it will make you and your co-worker even more confused.

Why can’t you just accept that you just love something and prefer something. Why do you think that acting like “logical robot” make you become better as a human?

Just accept that everyone, including you, are still human with bias and feeling.

Better be aware when your decision is based on bias. Don’t try to use logic and data to deny your bias.

That’s the true way to make you can become more “Pragmatic”. Because you aware when you make a decision based on biased and preference, instead of cover it up with data, numbers and articles.

You can tell yourself “Wow! I want to code in Ruby, but this problem is match some other languages and other framework more”. Instead of deny try to find article and data which support your bias.

Be human, accept your human part. Accept human factor when you do a programming. It affect the productivity and codebase more than you think.

This journey log quite grow now. It’s just log of purely random thought that comes to my mind after the debate, without anything related to the debate itself.

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