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Even if you could somehow look past the wastefulness and hypocrisy of these trips, what about the fact that while Trump was golfing and holding a campaign rally 3 months after the election (or 45 months early), Pence was in full damage control reassuring NATO and the EU that our president hasn’t totally lost it. What exactly prevented Trump from making the appearance himself? I could understand if he had standing obligations to attend to, but as far as we can tell, he quite literally was vacationing while Pence was doing the long, hard work of diplomacy. How are his supporters not turned off by this? I’m not going to stoop and say he’s the worst president, but he is certainly more of the same. Trump supporters looked the other way in the face of racist, sexist, and otherwise filthy rhetoric because they so desperately wanted change. How can they now fail to call him out for his actions? The Trump administration has no interest in working for the American people until they are criticized or challenged by those who supported them. Unfortunately, his supporters refuse to do just that.

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